Thomas S. Alpaugh

 Attorney at Law

Juvenile Representation

Did you know that a police officer may interrogate your child without your permission or knowledge?

There are no prohibitions to this tactic under Washington law.

 Police routinely accost children at their schools in order to deny parental involvement and coax a confession.


Many people are under the false impression that juvenile records magically disappear when the child turns 18.  This is not true, I can help.  There are ways under the law to seal and possibly even destroy a juvenile's criminal record.  This may be the deciding factor whether your child is accepted to a particular college or job.

I have represented children for over 20 years in a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases.  Let me help your child avoid or minimize a mistake without possible long term consequences.  

Asking to speak to Mom or Dad won't help, instruct your child to request an attorney and remain silent until that request is honored.

 This includes speaking to school authorities who eagerly support the police tactics. 

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